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About my approach
to winemaking

"Authenticity is assured

with indigenous grape varieties"


Taking care of the environment 
while working
the vineyards

Taking care of the environment while working the vineyards is the most important thing of all. The whole family shares in the vineyard work, all of which is carried out by hand.
We use electric hand tools to thin foliage and prune, and it goes without saying that the grapes are hand-picked. Pest control is non-invasive and the use of heavy machinery is drastically reduced; pesticides are kept to a minimum to ensure the least possible impact on the environment.

Exclusively with grapes
from our own vineyards 

Our wines are made exclusively with grapes from our own vineyards and we grow only indigenous red varieties --Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto (for me, nothing but red wine should be grown here!)



What does quality mean and how do you obtain it?
In my opinion, quality depends on vineyard management--how much time do you devote to the vines? Really, it’s almost as if they were children. And then thinning the foliage a month before the harvest and and halving the grape yield is essential.

"Quality begins in the vineyard and is conserved in the cellar" is one of my mottos and it follows that correct storage and elevage of the wines are an essential part of that.
The cellar can indeed enhance quality but cannot fundamentally change it.

We respect the character of each different wine..."

I owe everything to Barolo

I owe everything to Barolo and also to La Morra, the centre of Barolo winemaking. 
"We consider ourselves very fortunate and we thank the Barolo Boys as well as other winemakers for having giving a boost to Barolo wine and the Barolo area. Along with our parents, we have dedicated our lives to this wine, and consider ourselves to have been richly rewarded.

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